Astro's Boss
Astro's Boss
Name Astro's Boss
Race Human
Gender Male
Affiliation Industria
Occupation Business Owner
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
That Which Pierces

Astro's Boss, as named, is Astro's boss and owner of his own business in the capital city of the planet Industria.


Astro's Boss is a fairly normal sized man with a large nose and small eyes. He has a bushy, white afro with a shaggy goatee and mustache. He wears goggles and a medium colored coat with a light colored dress shirt underneath. He also wears a fanny pack-like bag on the left side of his hip.


Astro's Boss is a very short tempered and selfish man. When Astro was carrying heavy cargo, Boss thought he was taking too long and physically lashed out at him for it, then deducted his pay after dropping it. He was also angry at Astro for defending him when an alien noble ran him over since messing with aliens only brought trouble.


As Astro was moving cargo, Astro's Boss became impatient with him and told him to hurry up. When Astro complained, Boss punched at him and deducted his pay after he dropped the cargo. Boss left to go home, but on the way, he was run over by Gordon and Richard. After getting trampled for a little while, Astro runs out to defend him, which angers Boss greatly. After members of the royal guard show up and Gordon gives Astro his wallet, Astro's Boss fires him for fighting with an alien, which, in his eyes, could start an invasion of Industria. Astro then leaves with little money and no job.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Astro's Boss seems to be a weak man, as he wasn't able to stand up to Richard, who is an alien He does, however, seem to have fairly good endurance, since he survived a trampling by Richard with little damage. He was able to throw a punch at Astro, who barely missed it, implying that his aim is quite good as well.


  • "This is why I don't like people from the slums! They don't know their place."
  • "If an army like that can walk straight through the gates, this city will soon fall! If you want to get killed, do it alone!"