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Dark Energy (暗黒(ダーク)エネルギー, Dāku Enerugī) is an form of energy said to have shaped the universe. It's possible for one to train one's body to be able to harvest this energy to enhance one's physical abilities and gain various other powers.


The "Dark energy" is a form of energy that pours down from space with no end to it, it's also said to be the power that shapes the universe itself. Living beings can through special training make it possible for their bodies to contain this energy, and with it they can do incredible thing such as, increasing their physical prowess and durability far beyond their biological limits and make that energy manifest onto the physical plane in various shapes and forms to affect the area around them. For those who have obtained this kind of training using this energy is compared to be as easy and natural as breathing.

This energy is noteably the only known defence against the legendary power of the Org, and even then the protection has very noticeable limits as shown when Tad Pole was noticably hurt by the weapon despite the energy and the Org hitting each other head on. Also, when the Org hit Pole from behind it ripped straight through his energy coated leg.

There are different ways to use Dark Energy. While Tad Pole used it to strengthen his legs, Black creates a hand out of dark energy to fight.

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  • "An unknown "power" said to shape the universe..."