Name Deadrock
Race Rock Alien
Gender Male
Affiliation Rock bandits
Occupation Rock bandit Boss
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 4

Deadrock is a fearsome rock alien who commands John Kanti


Deadrock is a gigantic alien composed of rock. He has rocky spikes protruding from his head and has rocks for skin.


Deadrock is bored with average people, finding them soft. He enjoys squeezing people to find out how hard they are. He desires strong soldiers for waging war.


Not much is known about Deadrock other than the fact that he came to Industria for the Org.


Deadrock is the one who ordered Kanti to take the men and women of Orvel. He keeps them in a cave where he kills the men he deems weak and has the women go out and capture soldiers for him under the threat of killing their families. One band of women hatch a plan with Astro and Tiamat to free the men. Astro and Tiamat hide themselves in the uniform of Deadrock's workers while two women wear cloaks and pretend to be the prisoners. Astro and Tiamat then attack Deadrock and Astro is able to destroy Deadrock's arm but Deadrock reveals that he is able to detach body parts and then reform them using the rock from the cave. He then launches a punch at Astro but Tiamat pushes him aside and takes the punch head on. Using a spinning move Tiamat takes little pain. Soon, when it seems that Astro and Tiamat have the upper hand, Deadrock takes the people hostage for the Org. Astro is about to hand over the Org when one of the women attacks Deadrock and distracts him long enough to give Astro the opening he uses to stab him in the brain, killing him.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Deadrock posseses the ability to detach body parts and manifest them using external rocks. By doing this he is able to protect himself from the power of Astro's Org.


Deadrock is the leader of many other rock aliens. He show little remorse for killing humans.


"I really need even stronger soldiers. Some stable soldiers. Cause I'm gonna wage war, after all."

"Hand over the Org Industria!"