Endra (エンドラ, Endora) is a world currently at war with planet Industria, constantly sending out troops and aristocrats to conquer it.


Fifty years ago they and other alien worlds tried to take over planet Industria, resulting in a fifty year long war known as the Age of the Battlestar.

In the fiftieth year of the Age of the Battlestar, the planet sent its archduke Gordon to Industria to negotiate the surrender of their world and of their greatest weapon, the Org. Despite Gordon's brutal efforts he was easily thwarted by the new prince of Industria.



Gordon, the archduke of Endra.

The inhabitants of Endra are a race of lizard-like people with canine-like features. Not much is known about their society or common folk, but their aristocrats and leaders are very deceitful and ruthless doing all in their power to conquer all in their path and treating those below them like scum. Their soldiers are fiercely loyal and will do as they are instructed.