Name Gordon
Race Alien
Gender Male
Affiliation Endra
Occupation Archduke of Endra
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
That Which Pierces

Gordon is the archduke from the planet Endra, a sadistic and cruel alien aristocrat who attempted to bargain with the Planetary King of Industria for his planet's surrender.


After he successfully broke through the capital city's borders he made his way to the castle to negotiate with the king. While on his way, Astro's employer accidentally crossed his path which greatly irritated the Archduke, he then attempted to kill the old man but was stopped by Astro, but before he could punish the two humans the military police arrived so the Archduke had to cease his actions, to avoid any legal issues he gave his hefty wallet to Astro as compensation.

Sometime later he arrived to the castle and attempted to negotiate with the king to surrender the Org to him, but made no results. As he left he saw Astro once more who had been mistaken for prince Bulge sometime before. Seeing this as an opportunity, the Archduke began attacking the castle on the grounds that the prince had stolen his wallet rather than giving it to him and that he had eye witnesses, he then demanded the Org in exchange as retribution. However Astro soon jumped in front of his beast tank and tries to get him to stop, but just then the Org on his wrist begins to glow unleashing a powerful spear which Astro used to destroy the beast tank, leaving the Archduke helpless. He was then taken away by the guards.