The manga of Sensei no Bulge is written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi and was published in the Japanese-language magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from Issue 25 to Issue 41 of 2012. A total of 16 chapters were released in two volumes. Chapters are numbered in the format Chapter X (第X話, Dai X wa).


# Japanese English
Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
1 October 4, 2012 ISBN : 4-08-870583-1 March 5, 2013 ISBN : 1-42-155275-2
Volume 01

That Which Pierces (つらぬくもの, Tsuranukumono)
Pages : 192
Chapters list :
001. That Which Pierces (つらぬくもの, Tsuranukumono)

002. Prince of the Planet (星の王子様, Hoshi no ōji-sama)
003. The Prince's Job (王子の仕事, Ōji no shigoto)
004. Start (スタート, Sutāto)
005. Education Through Combat (実戦教育, Jissen kyōiku)
006. Family or Yourself (家族か己か, Tami ka onore ka)
007. The Determined Astro (決意のアストロ, Ketsui no Asutoro)

2 November 2, 2012 ISBN : 4-08-870584-X April 2, 2013 ISBN : 1-42-155571-9
Volume 02

Astro of the Battle Star (戦星のアストロ, Sensei no Asutoro)
Pages : 192
Chapters list :
008. Tico (ティコ, Tiko)

009. Astro's Past (アストロの過去, Asutoro no kako)
010. Dark Energy (暗黒エネルギー, Ankoku enerugī)
011. The Revived "Org" (甦る"王具", Yomigaeru "Ōgu")
012. With New Determination (決意あらたに, Ketsui arata ni)
013. Meet the Enemy (敵と会う, Teki to au)
014. With Crooked Sadness (歪んじゃまった悲しみに, Yuganjamatta kanashimi ni)
015. Respective Conclusions (各々決着, Onoono kecchaku)
016. Astro of the Battle Star (戦星のアストロ, Sensei no Asutoro)
Omake Manga: The Party from Hell Arc (獄宴編)

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