The Org
Org spear
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King of Industria(Former)

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The Org (王具(オーグ), Ōgu, kanji translates as "King's Device", the Orgue in the Viz Manga) is the sacred treasure of Industria's royal family, which not only symbolizes their status but is also a mystical weapon that only those with the right to rule can wield. Astro is currently the only one capable of using it. Its power is legendary and just the knowledge of an able user is said to be enough to protect Idustria's main capital from attacks.


In its "sleeping state" the org is just a golden bracelet with a rather chaotic swirly pattern around it.

When awakened by an able user, the org transforms into a weapon form. The org has shown several different "Forms", which are all different in shape and look, but there are some characteristics that is found in all of them. The Org's different forms are are all an extension of the original bracelet and manifests as a red gauntlet, along with a weapon with a golden edge made of pure energy.

In it's "Trident" form the Org is a red gauntlet with several black "pipes" with red rings at their end, sticking out of it. The weapon part of this form is a giant Trident with a black shaft, and a massive head golden head made out of pure energy.

In its "Sword" form the gauntlet is even more massive, and its shape is like a crossbow, with the "Weapon" being a golden blade of energy where the arrow would have been.


Org spear
Trident Form in color
Org sword
Sword Form


The Org is the legendary weapon wielded by Industria's royal family, through the ages it's been the weapon that managed to hold industria together under the rule of the royal family. Even through the chaotic and ever changing "Age of the Battlestar", the Org's power is said to be able to stop the chaos and bring order to the war torn planet of Industria. The weapon's power is so famous and feared that the mere fact that there is a person able to wield it within the "Royal family" once more is said to be able to keep any further threats to the capital at bay.

The Org's power manifests into the form of various weapons, all with a golden blade, made out of pure energy. The Org's "Blade" will rip through anything it touches, no matter how durable it is, and even those only grazed by the weapon will suffer severe damage, if not death. Due to the extreme damage it leaves upon its victims the weapon has been described several times as a "One-Hit Kill Weapon".