Prince of the Planet
Chapter 002
Japanese Title 星の王子様
Hoshi no ōji-sama
Volume 1
Chapter 2
Pages 25
Release Date May 28, 2012
WSJ Issue 26, 2012
Previous Chapter Chapter 1
That Which Pierces
Next Chapter Chapter 3
The Prince's Job

Prince of the Planet (星の王子様, Hoshi no ōji-sama) is chapter 2 of the Sensei no Bulge manga.


Astro still plans to escape to reunite with his family, but Tiamat catches and sends him to Jino to be bathed and dressed. Jino and Tiamat notice that the prince acts rather differently this time to getting dressed. Afterwards, Tiamat sends Astro off to a royal dinner with the King. After much hesitation over seeing Bulge die, acting as him and lying to royal family and thinking he might die if he told the truth, Astro finally reveals his true identity and makes a request to let his family stay in the castle. The King and Tiamat are less than surprised as they've already noted Astro's contrast in personality from Bulge's before. Tiamat moves towards Astro and draws his sword, but points for Jino, who is really an alien from the planet Assassinia in disguise of her. With the help of the Org, Astro and Tiamat defeat the alien. The King warns Astro of the state of war within the planet, "The Age of the Battle Star", and asks him to become the prince. To Tiamat's surprise, Astro accepts his new job and is allowed to bring his family into the castle.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Astro (flashback)
  2. Bulge (flashback)
  3. Chima (flashback)
  4. Sho (flashback)
  5. Little (flashback)
  6. Planetary King of Industria (flashback)
  7. Macro (flashback)
  8. Tiamat
  9. Jino
  10. Assassinian
  11. Hornet Kawar
  12. Fok Yok
  13. Gordon (flashback)
  14. Richard (flashback)
  15. Astro's Boss (flashback)