The Party from Hell Arc
Japanese Title 獄宴編
Volume 2
Chapter Omake
Pages 9
Release Date November 2, 2012
Previous Chapter Chapter 16
Astro of the Battle Star

The Party from Hell Arc (獄宴編) is an omake of the Sensei no Bulge manga that succeeds the final chapter, released as part of volume 2.

The chapter is a retrospect of the manga as a film having just finished production, with the characters having took their roles as actors and having a party together.


Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Tiamat (Teen Heart Throb)
  2. Astro (Young Prodigy Actor)
  3. Kōhei Horikoshi (Director)
  4. Planetary King of Industria (Veteran Award Winning Actor)
  5. Nina (Pop TV Personality)
  6. Jino (Pin-up Model)
  7. Black (B-List Actor)
  8. Tad Pole (Veteran Actor)
  9. Kukulkan (Character Actor)
  10. Little (Member of Children's Theater Troupe)
  11. Suntara (Member of Children's Theater Troupe)
  12. Chima (Member of Children's Theater Troupe)
  13. Sho (Member of Children's Theater Troupe)
  14. Okikuna (Member of Children's Theater Troupe)
  15. Tico (Rookie Actress Making Her Debut)
  16. Tico's Adoptive Father (Comedic Actor)
  17. Deadrock (Chosen in a Public Audition)