Tico color
Name Tico
Race Human
Birthday January 2 (age 17)
Gender Female
Height 5'04"
Affiliation Masayle
Relatives Tico's parents (deceased)
Tico's Adoptive Father
Tico's Adoptive Mother (deceased)
Mira (pet)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 8
Tico (chapter)

Tico(ティコ, Tiko) is a girl seeking vengeance against the aliens that caused the death of her adoptive mother. She lives with her adoptive father in Masayle, a town overrun by aliens.


Tico is a normal sized girl with shoulder-length hair, large blue eyes, and an attractive figure. She wears a black, sleeveless top, which shows a little bit of cleavage, held up by orange overall-like straps. She also wears a pair of white shorts with a matching white and orange belt which can hold guns and black boots that come above her knees. Around her neck, she wears an orange and turquoise scarf and, one her head, she wears a pair of orange goggles with thin slits in them.


In the beginning, Tico is a very merciless and stubborn girl who was seen to be protecting the town from evil military police and military police who were already there. She even went as far as to destroy Astro and Tiamat due to confusing them for the evil police. She quickly began to show her true emotions around her grandfather and soon after, Astro and Tiamat.


Abilities & PowersEdit

Tico is a fairly strong girl for her size, since she is able to carry a large bazooka and fire it with ease. She also has very good aim.


Tico fights with a large bazooka capable of hurting aliens. She is quite proficient in using it.

She is also seen with a few guns on her belt, but it is unknown how skilled she is in using them.




  • ”Tiko” is the name of a town and important port in the country of Cameroon.
  • The name "tico" is a slang word for Costa Ricans used by themselves or people of other Spanish-speaking countries.